10 Nov

De Zeekoe’s Fish Eagles

De Zeekoe are blessed with 168 species of birds, and among them the fish eagle pair that lives in the riverbed of the Olifant’s river, or at the lake opposite Safari Ostrich show farm. The Fish Eagle is quite large and has black, brown and white plumage.The white chest is easy for a bird-lover to spot.

The Olifant’s river runs through the farm Zeekoegat and DE ZEEKOE GUEST FARM, this is the reason for all abundant of bird-life.
There is also 3 big dams on the farm, that offers even more playground for these flying creatures. It is an amazing experience to here the distinct call of the fish eagle, actually one feels to stop with whatever you are busy with, and just to listen and take in the sound –” listen to the silence says old Africa and you will discover the music. ”The call of the fish eagle sometimes refer to the ‘voice of Africa ‘

Fish eagles feed extensively on the fish – (Karp and Bass) in the river and lake, and we had often seen them eaten their prey next to the water. During severe drought, we several times found them in the ostrich camps, trying to prey on small ostriches.

The fish eagles are usually seen in pairs inside and outside the breeding season.
They are very territorial and it makes me laugh to see how they chase away the other birds. Their territory may stretch up to 20km.
They like to sit in a very high tree to overlook the river or dam for food. We planted 2 big very big eucalyptus dead trees (more than 30m) in the river for extra height for the pair. The pair is not using it at the moment ,as they must first adjust to this.

In the past we had experienced that nature disasters like fires and floods, made them go away for long periods, and they will definitely make sure that all is fine and safe, before returning.
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Those who wait for the Lord, shall renew their strength,
they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
they shall run and not be weary,
they shall walk and not faint;
Isaiah 40:31