Social Awareness


We employ and give housing to 20 families on the farm. We aim to positively raise the standard of living and uplift the local community on an ongoing basis. Generations of our employees and their children have been educated by Zeekoegat Primary.

Zeekoegat Primary currently schools 120 primary children and 90 pre-primary children and has been open since 1938.

De Zeekoe-trust long term goal is to rebuild the whole school, seeing that the school building has become unsafe and unstable. The trust was formed by the adjoining landowners of Safari Ostrich Show Farm. The trust’s main aim is to raise funds for the new school project.

If you are interested in supporting this project, or would like more information, please visit the Zeekoegat School Project website.

Through Social Upliftment and addressing the needs of the community, we hope to give these children the tools and the opportunities to improve their lives as well as give them a solid education built on a solid foundation.

With this project we hope to address the needs of this community through the following Key Aspects:

  • Improved Medical Health Care and Education.
  • Sports and Recreation which will help keep the children busy after school and help develop hidden talents.
  • Improve the current Feeding Scheme, many rely on the feeding scheme as their one good meal a day.
  • Skills Development for the unemployed.
  • Financial Aid for high achieving students, who want to study further but don’t have the finances.

De Zeekoe strives for fairness; ethical business practice and environmental respect form the basis for sustainable tourism.