31 Jul

Wild Meerkat Adventure Tours

Meerkats at De Zeekoe

The most popular of our activities we offer are without a doubt the daily wild habituated meerkat tours. These tours that commence only at sunrise are dependent on fair weather, since these little creatures will not venture outside their burrows on cold and rainy days. (No tours on rainy days & Christmas day) .

Meerkats are part of the so-called Shy 5 which also includes the bat-eared fox, the aardvark, porcupine and aardwolf.

The meerkat tours last between 2-3 hours and booking is essential. Upon arrival at the meerkat burrows, guests are treated to a hot cup of coffee, after which they are issued with a lightweight aluminium chair to sit in while observing the meerkats as they come out of the burrow into the sunshine and then go about their daily routine of foraging and frolicking. These habituated wild animals are never fed or handled by humans.

Tours are presented by Devey, De Zeekoe’s experienced tour guide. It is a fantastic experience & unique privilege to get this close to these little creatures in the wild.

Have a look at our meerkat videos and direct meerkat website; www.meerkatadventures.co.za

General Meerkat Tour Guidelines

R450 per person payable in cash on completion of the tour, directly to the guide for De Zeekoe Guests & R550 per person for guests staying elsewhere. Sunrise tours only. Bookings are essential.

The day before the booked tour, Devey has to go out and search for the meerkats. Upon his return from the field he will then inform us of the meeting point and time…

No children under the age of 10 years allowed as you have to sit very quietly in order not to scare the little creatures. Pictures may be taken with Devey’s permission.

Please contact us for further information.

Meerkats at De Zeekoe

From The Guide

Children: Unfortunately children do not get discount, for on this type of tours they are more likely to disrupt every thing and I pay a set per person rate to the land owner. 10 years of age is the minimum age allowed on the tours.

But out of season, IF there is no one else on the tour we can discuss kids down to 6 year old. The reason for this is that most parents today do not believe in reprimanding their children in public, so when these little criminals get bored and start throwing the meerkats with sticks or stones the parents make it of as a joke, or they ignore it. The other reason is that meerkats filter out the sound of grownup voices witch is deeper and low frequency sounds. Kids have high pitch voices and in meerkat language, all alarms and warnings are high pitch sounds. I have an 12 year old daughter that is a bit hyper and I do not allow her near my meerkats. So your understanding of this matter is highly appreciated.”