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24 Jun

Meerkat Adventures in Oudtshoorn

The Meerkat Adventures at De Zeekoe Guest Farm near Oudtshoorn is an intimate experience with these cute and interesting creatures.

Dawn was kicked off with a much needed cup of coffee close to the meerkats’ burrows. After the coffee and a short walk through the veld, we reached the meerkats’ homes.

Here we were told countless interesting facts about the many meerkat families living in the area around Oudtshoorn while waiting for the meerkats to stick their little heads out of their burrows. This took a little bit longer this particular morning due to some cold mist in the air – meerkats love the sun and the heat of their little shared homes.

Spending the morning with the meerkats was a really special experience, we learned a lot about their ways and behaviour as they allowed us into their beautiful Klein Karoo surroundings.